How to Promoting Your Fiverr Gigs ?


Promoting Your Fiverr Gigs
Often, Fiverr doesn't bring in the amount of traffic we'd like to see for our gigs, which leaves some of the promotion up to us. I've experimented with several strategies, and hopefully the ones I share will give you good results too.. Check web development services Click Here
Usually, the hardest part is getting the first few positive reviews for your gig. For this, reaching out to your immediate network may help.
Your Immediate Network
  • Facebook Friends (or Groups)
  • LinkedIn Network
  • Friends & Family
  • YouTube
  • Google+
You can even send them the Fiverr affiliate link, which (depending on the current promotion) may give them a free gig, and give you a few bucks too.
The key here is to actually deliver the gigs and ask for honest feedback of your service. A 5-Star rating is nice, but getting some tips that can help you improve your service is even better.

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I do a lot of gig promotion on Twitter, and have had good results. Twitter is great because it lets you reach a wider audience using hashtags.
Spend some time at, and find a few relevant hashtags for your target audience. Include your gig featured image in the tweet, the URL to your gig, and the hashtags along with a brief 'call to action'. FOR INTRO DESIGNER  FOR YOUR BRAND Click Here

Facebook Groups

Another good place to promote your service is through Facebook Groups. Avoid the 'gig promotion' groups, as they are full of spam.
Simply look for the type of people that would benefit from your services, and join groups that they would be a part of.
For example, if you provide services that would help authors (proofreading, editing, formatting, eBook cover design, etc.), try joining 'author'  or 'self-publishing' groups.
Comment on posts often, but be helpful, don't just drop in your gig link. Relevant groups can bring in ongoing business as long as you are helpful, friendly, and don't spam them.

Facebook Page
You can also make use of facebook page. Just open a page and promote your gigs there. Well, it may take a little time but you will certainly be amazed at the result of using Facebook page
Google +
One among the smartest ways you can promote your fiverr gig is to use Google+. Just be active on G+ and share your gigs on a regular basis. Try to follow those people who are interested in your niche.
YouTube channel
If you’re a logo designer, you can make a slide show with all of your best works and upload it on your YouTube Channel. Then do some SEO stuff so people can easily find you. It is the best option for logo designers and intro makers. FOR SERVICES Click On Here

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